Join the Rosé Revolution

Long hot summers and rosé go hand-in-hand throughout Europe and the Mediterranean coast so why, in Brisbane where the climate is similar, is rosé considered an odd choice?

Try to get a group of friends to share a bottle next time you are out at dinner and you'll see what I mean.

Light and cool, rosé is a great choice and a wonderful match with many meals but it's hard to break old patterns.

The Rosé Revolution is designed to change all that.  It's all about getting  rosé lovers to share the love and convince non-drinkers to give it a go. You can join their facebook page here or the website

Here's what I've been sampling

De Bortoli La Boheme Act Two, Dry Pinot Rosé, Yarra Valley
Love this label with it's Art Noveau nuances, but love the wine even more.  It's made predonimantly from Pinot Noir which was specifically grown for Rosé, with a splash of Pinot Gris for additional aromatics.  Great with takeaway Pad Thai, stir fry with ginger or garlic, or a salad with fennel and blood orange.

De Bortoli Rococo Blanc de Blances, Rosé, Yarra Valle
A soft, light wine with the flavours of ripe raspberries, cherries and strawberries mingled with a splash of pink and a bit of fiz.  Having salmon for Xmas Day?  This would be a great companion. It's also great with anything creamy.  Try it with hors d'oeuvres and canapes.

De Bortoli Pinot Noir RoséYarra Valley 2010
Another great match for salmon or oysters or just chilled on a sunny day.