Australian Winter Festival, King George Square

Ice skating in Brisbane?  Normally that might seem a bit bizarre but over the Queen's birthday weekend in June the weather was definitely more like Melbourne than Brisbane.

Great weather for coats, scarves and skating around King George Square at the Australian Winter Festival which has taken over the square until June 26.

I went in search of the promised cuisine from 20 different countries but was a little disappointed. I couldn't find the strudel and and torte, although there was mulled wine and churros.

It certainly was unusual to see people gliding around on ice in the square and it looked like lots of fun. There were skates for big kids and a sort of sleigh for smaller kids, although some skaters seemed to mix it up all along the way.

Just as we were leaving professional skaters came out to show how it's really done - now that's something to see.

If you'd like to try out your skating skills or want to see the winter wonderland, head to King George Square for some fun.  You can enjoy a German sausage and a few other treats but the menu is limited.

Bottom line - Go for the skating, not the food.