Perth Luxury Cupcakes

It only takes one bite, just one, to pick a good cupcake from an ordinary one.

But when I started eating one a cupcake sent to me by Nikki from Perth Luxury Cakes I just couldn't stop there!

They were everything a good cupcake should be - light, moist and with a great texture and a real chocolate flavour that is irresistable to chocolate lovers.

As V Diddy, who was dieting at the time, said "that was worth every calorie".

Nikki McLay is the sort of baker who brings joy to a cupcake lover's heart.  There's nothing pre-made or artificial about her cakes.  Her recipes are more than just tried and true, Nikki  has fine tuned them to ensure a good shelf life that's so good even a flight from Perth to the Gold Coast and road delivery by friend didn't take away from their goodness.

Nikki included some of her famous Brown Sugar Cookies and a pack of her magical Cheese Crisp biscuits. I loved both but the cheese crisps almost brought a tear to my eye when I thought how much my dad would have liked them.  I'm sure she used my grandmother's recipe!

So if you live in Perth do yourself a favour and try some of Nikki's cupcakes.

Bottom line: recommended

Perth Luxury Cupcakes