9 top tips for restaurant dining that will make a lighter you

Feeling as though you have over indulged in festive fare, tired of leaving the table feeling over full or can not resist ordering dessert?

Unfortunately, these are all things of which I'm often guilty.  I blame it on the job, I am a food writer,  but I've learned there are ways to lighten the load and  a few easy choices that could make a world of difference.

Here's some tips for dining out from Troy Thompson, author of Guide To The Younger You.

  1. Limit weekly restaurant meals to one or two. Studies show women who eat out more than six times per week tally up the kilojoule equivalent of one kilogram per month. 
  2. Plan what you’ll eat in advance. Choose a healthier-style restaurant or healthier meal option. Check out the restaurant’s website beforehand—these days restaurants often have their menu online.
  3. Be the first to order—you’re less likely to be influenced by others’ choices.

  4. Ask the waiter to bring the bread out with the meal, not before. Or, take one slice and ask for the basket to be taken away. Trade butter for a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  5. If you do order a main meal and it is indeed too large, share it with a friend.

  6. Ask for salad dressings and sauces on the side, then practise the ‘dip and drip’ technique. Dip your fork in the sauce, then lightly drip it over the food to enjoy the most flavour for the fewest kilojoules.

  7. When it comes to dessert, think light and luscious. How about sorbet with fresh berries? If you really want to indulge in a decadent dessert, order one serving and ask for forks all around.

  8. Look out for low-fat cooking techniques such as baked, steamed, grilled, poached and stir-fried dishes, and avoid fried, crisp, crumbed battered and creamed foods. 
  9. Above all, as you dine, focus as much on the people as the food. Whether for business or pleasure, enjoy the opportunity to connect with family members, friends or colleague.
These are wise words Troy and I'm taking them onboard. Thank you