I went to a butcher shop and this is what I saw - Bundy Chop Shop

Ever wondered what's behind the rows of sausages, the cabinets filled with chops and steaks and lovely lamb roasts at the butcher shop?  On a recent trip to Bundaberg I got to find out at the Bundy Chop Shop.

Amanda Hinds who runs the deliciously decadent Indulge Cafe in Bundaberg took me on a tour to meet some of her favourite suppliers. Amanda introduced me to Rick, who she described as 'a saucy number' and I went behind the counter at The Chop Shop,  Bundaberg.

The Chop Shop is no ordinary butcher. Cold cabinets at the front of the shop are filled with a great array of smoked meats all hot smoked out the back without the use of chemicals.  This is bliss for me as I am sensitive to the sodium nitrate commonly used in smoking.  I've just finished eating a smoked turkey hind quarter which I mixed into a green salad with some grapes. It had a wonderful smokey flavour.

When Amanda wants something unusual, like duck ham, she gives Rick a call and they work out how to do it. I tasted the duck ham with eggs for breakfast - superb! There's some of Rick's bacon in my fridge waiting for a decadent Sunday morning breakfast.

The Chop Shop is the sort of butcher I wish I had down the road - unfortunately Bundaberg is a little too far away. Sigh...

The Chop Shop
68 Mount Perry Road,  Bundaberg QLD 4670

(07) 4151 7944