Share a pastry with your pooch

More than 60 per cent of Australian’s are pet owners, yet unlike our European counter parts we are prohibited from taking animals to cafés and restaurants.

On the back of a recent report, the Federal Government is planning to overturn the current local and state laws prohibiting man’s best friend having access to outdoor dining areas.

Local governments are in uproar about the current movement and believe the laws should continue to be localised and pets should be prohibited.

If you support having your canine friends welcomed at your local dining haunt instead of tied up on the footpath.  Leave a comment below.  People power works, you know!

Thankfully, Jan Power’s Farmers Markets welcomes all four legged friends to the weekend markets, allowing pups and their parents to dine together.

My dog Tucker loves going to the markets, especially at New Farm where there is a dog park right next door.

There is even a special ‘No Barking Zone’, always popular with those keen on civil disobedience!

Many marketeers are encouraging man’s best friend to come along, with water bowls readily available and tasty treats on hand each weekend which, according to Jan Power are increasingly popular.

“Owners love the opportunity to spend as much time as they can with their pets, my markets are happily embracing and encouraging the pet friendly atmosphere,” said Jan.

“It’s not unusual to see a market goer tucking into a pastry with their pet perched next to them enjoying a pupcake. We pride ourselves on being a versatile food market, allowing people to enjoy their weekend market visit however they wish,” said Jan.

Retro Pets trade at Jan Power’s Farmers Markets at Manly and Powerhouse and offer a selection of treats for well-behaved pooches and other furry (and feathered) companions.

Let's hear it for our furry friends!

Do you know which other markets around Brisbane especially welcome dogs or are not so dog friendly? Please share the info in the comments below.