How about a high tech, super flash luxury den right on the river?

Do you fancy Charles or Arthur, or perhaps Brett is more your style?

You can let your dreams run riot at Mona Pavilions, located next to the absolutely fabulous Mona museum, where the dwellings are named after famous Australian architects and artists.

I think this is the coolest place to stay.  Not only are you within spitting distance of one of the most fascinating art gallery/museums I've ever seen, but you get to have an original piece of outstanding Australian art in your room!

If you haven't visited MONA in Hobart, Tasmania, put it on your bucket list now. The privately owned and funded Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) consists of a vast antiquities collection currently on display alongside a collection of new art, most of which is very recent.

The whole collection is the property of maths wizard David Walsh who made his fortune in gambling.

Here's a mini tour of Charles (Blackman) pavilion

Allow plenty of time to view the museum and do yourself a favour - stay in their high-tech, super flash luxury dens on the River Derwent named after Australian architects and artists.

Each pavilion has a kitchen, laundry, wine fridge, wireless touch panels (climate,lighting, info and entertainment), wireless internet access, safe, phone, TV(s), and personal security camera. And bathrobes of course. Charles, Arthur, Sidney and Brett each has a painting by its namesake, as well as antiquities and a collection of ancient coins.

Guests share a gym, sauna and heated infinity pool and have access to Mona's avant-garde art restaurant, micro-brewery and winery. The eight pavilions sit on a 3.5 hectare private peninsula that curves into the Derwent River with panoramic north-facing views.

Great view of the Derwent River

Bath with a view
An original Blackman on the wall.
The Do Not Disturb sign :)
Mona's very cool casual dining area
Great antipasto
Outside the museum

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK stayed and travelled with the support of Tourism Tasmania.