Willow and Spoon, Alderley

There's something very Queensland about sitting in cool, dim light on a patchy concrete floor surrounded by a forest of white painted concrete stumps and rabbit warren of multi-level, makeshift rooms.

Generations of Queenslander's have grown up appreciating this ambiance, not because of its stylish appearance but for the sheer practicality of creating an extra space without much cost which is so much cooler in hot, steamy weather.  Throw in an old comfy lounge, a laminex table and vinyl chairs and  a downstairs loo and it's home sweet home.

Walking along the street, Willow and Spoon looks like any normal cafe with some street seating and a mix of tables inside the door.  The vision explodes as you walk through the busy kitchen to the rear where the tables are set in the large outdoor 'courtyard' which overlooks the back yard.  It's actually the underneath of the house above. There's totem tennis and a pile of toys for the kids and parking which is a boon in the busy location.

Add a creative menu with an emphasis on great produce and friendly staff and you've got Willow and Spoon at Alderley.

We were there for breakfast and it was a delight to explore the creative menu.  Think highlights like drunken pig, basil-scented labna, garden pea sauce and 'white russian' butter - not all together of course!

This is a place where you will return over and over to eat your way through the menu, but you'll need to be quick because it also changes frequently.

On the menu glossary, the description of my breakfast of The Willow Bacon+ Eggs with watermelon & mint granita, corn bread and cultured butter was expanded with tantalising details revealing the 'Black Forest' bacon comes from a small smokehouse in NSW and the granita was served in the form of a shooter.

Although the cafe is not open at night, it is available as a functions venue for the very cool and retro inspired.

There's nothing I would change here except to perhaps make the mellow Blue Sky coffee a little stronger.

Bottom line: Recommended

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