Grill'd, Wintergarden CBD

Just another Grill'd you might think, this time in the city.

Wrong!  This one has bells and whistles and a bar.

It's still uber casual and burger themed but there's more, including steak knives.

Yes, you can now cut your burger in two if you can't get your mouth around the whole thing.  We all did it and the burger was most easier to eat.

The Brisbane Wintergarden store is the first of a new concept roll out that offers a new menu with nibbles and a full serviced bar with beers, ciders and signature cocktails. There's local beers including Burleigh Brewing and Little Creatures, Stone & Wood and Matilda Bay Dirty Granny cider on tap.

The nibbles include lamb, pork and chicken meat balls with sauces and seasoning and premium selections of olives and warmed nuts.

I tried some of the new burger additions to the menu recently and enjoyed the experience.  If you're familiar with the type of burger you get at the golden arches, you'll find nothing the same at Grill'd.

Grill’d was established by founder Simon Crowe in Melbourne in 2004 and eight years later there are now 54 Grill’d restaurants nationwide.

Here's what the Grill'd at the Wintergarden looks like.

Follow the escalators to find the new Grill'd
Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Grill'd

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