Kissed by a prince in a Moroccan bazzar

Sandwiched between exotic Moroccan rugs, shiny silver teapots and enticing, vibrantly coloured jewellery, I imagined I was in a Marrakech souk and smiled as the prince planted a kiss lightly on my hand.

Truth - well I wasn't actually in Morocco and it wasn't my hand but he was a real prince.

My friend Lee was the lucky one who enjoyed the hand kissing and the location was actually downtown Brisbane in Hamimi - a new store that specialises in all things Moroccan.

The delightful Carol Prior who runs Morocco by Prior Arrangement, specialising in individual and small group tours, was visiting Australia to introduce Prince Fabrizio Ruspoli, owner of the renowned La Maison Arabe in Marrackech.

Carol Prior and Prince Fabrizio Ruspoli
Carol has honed in on Australian's growing love for all things exotic when it comes to food and combined this with our love to travel in style - Carol-style - at hand-picked accommodation with personalised itineraries.

Apart from looking very exotic in the brochure, Prince Fabrizio's La Maison Arabe along with two restaurants, two swimming pools and a spa, also has a world-renowned cooking school.  Here a dada, who is not a Moroccan version of a sugar daddy but rather a traditional chef, shows guests how to create traditional dishes.

I can't imagine anything more exotic than learning how to cook delicious treats in such amazing surroundings.

Hamimi in Stanley Street, East Brisbane is a brother and sister venture with one foot in Brisbane (Alex) and the other in Marrakech (Rebecca). They design, source and import a fresh and authentic collection of Moroccan homewares, furniture, lighting, accessories, jewellery, rugs and rarities.

Hamimi have a small refreshments menu and serve beautifully refreshing mint tea.  It's something you really should try.

On the night we enjoyed some Moroccan-themed delicacies put together by Kathy Heath using many of Suzanne Quintner's wonderful north African flavours.

Bottom line: New shop to investigate and opportunity to try authentic Moroccan tea
Best tip:  Will someone please buy me three of the silver cylinder lights? Please.