Win $100 voucher for The Bun Mobile steam buns

The look on K2 and VDiddy's faces as I pulled into the car park was priceless.

Had they listened when I told them we were going to enjoy steam buns from a van - no! They just jumped in the car expecting I would take them to a restaurant as usual.

The car park, milk crate stools and tables came as a bit of a shock. But once they started eating the buns all was happy.

The Bun Mobile is Harold and Christine Fleming's new baby.  Harold has been around in Brisbane's food scene for many years and his first venture, Harold's Posh Cafe, was opened in Boundary Street, Spring Hill.

The idea for to build a gourmet food truck was sown in Harold and Christine's minds by their chef son Daniel, who read an article in an Inflight magazine about the new generation of food trucks hitting the streets in New York, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles and gaining support and popularity in Sydney and Melbourne.

After many hours on the Internet and chats with friends abroad, they came to the conclusion that this sort of food business is particularly well suited to the current financial downturn and would work perfectly with Queensland’s outdoor lifestyle.

"The Bun Mobile was designed to bring five star food to the masses for less than $10 and without comprising value and taste," says Harold. "It is fully self contained and self sufficient and is outfitted with a walk in cold room and hi tech equipment.

"Using fresh sustainable and local ingredients, The Bun Mobile boasts a fusion of world flavours that pack an exotic twist."

The truck will be seen at local markets and all over Brisbane dishing hand crafted steam buns with slow cooked pork belly pickled cucumber shallots hoisin and sriracha, char grilled wagyu soy shitake mushrooms butter lettuce red dragon sauce, and char grilled teriyaki chicken slaw with carrot and mint.

Here are the buns -  yuuuum!

Want to know when The Bun Mobile will be near you?  Check their website calendar and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's hoping that The Bun Mobile will become a travelling Brisbane landmark that serves up fabulous food, day and night.


Harold and Christine want to expand their range with some sweet buns and we are asking you to suggest some fillings.  The best filling suggestion will win a $100 Bunstar card which can be used all at once or over several visits - it's up to the winner.

So what do you have to do?

  • Leave a comment below with your suggestion for a sweet bun filling.
  • Email me your suggestion so you can be contacted if your filling is a winner.
Here's a hint from the chef - think winter puddings!

This competition closes on the blog at 5pm EST on Friday April 20.  The final selection will be via a popularity poll on Facebook ending at 5pm April 25.

Find out more at

And for a laugh - check out The Bun Mobile's Youtube videos.