Bean & Gone, Coffee at Noosa National Park

Take five friends who bonded in that first University class and add 20 or so years, throw in a couple of nights in Noosa and make sure you include at least one early morning walk.

What do you get?  A desperate need for coffee!

Many years ago there was a delightful little coffee shop just at the entrance to Noosa National Park.  They used to make great smoothies which we devoured after a walk and swim in the park.

Now it's the thought of a coffee before the walk that puts a gleam in my eye and I was overjoyed to see Bean & Gone's stand at the information hut.

The coffee was great and we stopped to enjoy their hessian-covered milk crate seats as well. They are open seven days from 7am to 1pm and the coffee is only $3.50.

I've also seen a coffee cart out the front of Sails on the board walk near Netanya on my morning walks.

This walk is a must if you are visiting Noosa.  There are few to beat it.  It's often hard to find a car park in the National Park because the local surfers get there very early. (Check out the eye candy girls!) However the boardwalk up from Hastings Street is a treat in itself.

There are many options with this walk and you can make it as short or long as you like.  Take your togs (as we call them in Queensland - swimmers or bathing suit for the rest of you) and go for a dip at Tea Tree Bay.  It's best when the tide is low, but delightful anytime.

You can walk right through the park to Sunshine Beach via Alexandra Bay which would probably take at least an hour one way.  Another beautiful walk.  Catch the bus back to Noosa if you are tired.

We were staying at the Viridian Residences on Little Hastings Street in Noosa which was a perfect spot for the group - close enough to Hastings Street so you can shop and drop back to the apartment without a problem.  Plenty of dining options as well although there was a great kitchen in the apartment.  We managed to plow a lot of money into the local economy over the weekend and took several bags stuffed with purchases back home.

Lunch at Bistro C was the birthday girl's choice and four of us couldn't go past the duck, fig and prosciutto salad.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid post.  All food and accommodation was paid for by E,d+bK and her friends.