Spanakopita, Newstead - closed

Update - Spanakopita is unfortunately now closed by it's replacement, Chester Street Kitchen, is well worth a visit.

Greece is still on my bucket list but I feel I'm getting a little closer after enjoying some delicious treats from newly opened Spanakopita.

It's on Chester Street, very close to Dello Mano, and has some parking at the front which is a real boon in this busy area.

The owner is Peter Bellas, whose love of spinach pie has lead him to open this casual cafe specialising in baked to order Greek food.  The menu includes pites (pies) in spanakopita (spinach, wild weed, herbs and feta), tiropita (feta and mizithera cheeses), kasseropita (kasseri cheese) and prasokolokithoptia (leek, roasted pumpkin and garlic).

I pre-ordered a spanakopita to complement a Greek style lamb dinner and keep the vegetarian happy.  A connoisseur of spanakopita, he gave this version an 8 out of 10 and I would  agree, maybe edging up to a 9.  The pasty was crisp and light and the filling had a pleasant balance of spinach and feta with plenty of flavour.  It tasted fresh and home made. At $30 for a generous serving for four people I thought it good value.

I tried the kasseropita for lunch and was impressed by the full flavoured cheese taste encased in the same crisp pastry.  Nothing oily or overdone.

The cabinet would have been full of glyka (Greek sweets) if I had got there earlier.  You'll find yiaourtopita (yoghurt cake), karithopita (walnut syrup cake) , galaktoboureko (citrus custard tart ), bougastsa (vanilla custard parcels) and baklava (with chocolate and fig) - plenty of reasons to visit again.

I did purchase three date truffles which we enjoyed the next day.

Although this is a great spot to pick up a take home meal, there's plenty of space to eat inside and the coffee is the same that Peter's son Jamie, uses at his great hole-in-the-wall coffee spot down the road.

Find it at 32A Chester Street, Newstead.  Cal 3852 4130

Disclaimer: E,d+bK paid for all food in this review.