The Velo Project, Mooloolaba

At last there's an alternative to the same same of the tourist strip at Mooloolaba - The Velo project.

This cafe is very non Sunshine Coast in a good way. In fact those who hail from cold and wet Melbourne or Bondi Hipsters will feel right at home.  But that's not to say that ordinary folk won't like it too.  My mum is taking her book club there soon.

It's hard to drag your eyes away from the decor here to check the menu.  There's so many interesting things to look at - a telephone I remember my grandmother having, a old dresser filled with cute china a teapots, manikins, books and typewriters - it's all there.  The chairs and tables are totally random, motley mix as well.

The breakfast menu reads very well with lots of organic eggs, crepes, fruit salad, croissant with organic ham, and fresh daily muffins. It expands, under the 'some hours later' heading, to include baguettes with delicious fillings and plenty of extras  including side salads.

The Velo Project also offers special food for children at children's sizes at  a reduced price.

We ate from the specials menu choosing a lemon and blueberry muffin with marscapone and a warm crossant with honey roast ham, melted bried and fried egg.  I was wowed by the presentation of my muffin which came heaped high with delicious marscapone.  Unfortunately it needed it, as I suspect the muffin had been cooked a little too long. While the biker's breakfast looked tempting, K2 went for his usual orange and poppy cake from the display cabinet.

The coffee was great.

Extra marks too for the beautiful presentation of the cutlery which came wrapped with a sprig of rosemary.

At the back of the cafe there's a collection of fridges crammed full of produce from farms and gourmet goods. Plenty of cured meats, stocks, eggs, cheeses and even flowers from which to choose .

There are plans to expand the cafe with an outdoor area in the backyard and a wood fired pizza oven.

I heard about this place from my friendly chef Jay who is currently rattling the pans at Little Larder in New Farm.  Thanks Jay, great tip.

Bottom line:  One to check out.
Best tip: Tricky to find unless you are a local.  Consult a map or GPS.

The Velo project
19 Careela Street, Mooloolaba, Queensland 4557

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