Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe

Wish I lived closer to Sourced Grocer at Teneriffe!

It's just what I want in a neighborhood store - fresh, locally sourced produce that is beautifully presented, a walk in cold room stuffed full of great cheese, meat and other goodies, shelves goaning full of premium quality deli products and a cafe-style black board menu bursting with interesting tempters.

This one has been on my list for a while as it's not new to Brisbane but I find the task of hunting for a car park frustrating, so too frequently I take an easier option.  That said we had little problem finding a park on a Sunday morning - it was almost harder to find a seat inside Sourced Grocer for our group of four.

The set up here is more Melbourne than Brisbane with not much signage at the front and limited seating inside.  Look for people sitting on milk crates or a long wooden bench at the front and you've found Sourced Grocer.  Inside people tend to sit where ever they can on the wide stairs or on the window seat bench.  There's one long table with proper chairs which is in high demand.

The casual nature of the place is reflected in the simple black board (actually white tile with black pen) menu and cafe style offerings.  Don't expect complicated dishes but do expect great combos and fabulous flavours.

I could go crazy stocking up my pantry in a place like this but I'm planning a house move so every purchase is tinged with the thought - 'Will I have to pack this' - I am showing great restraint. :)

But you don't need to so go there and enjoy - pick up some flowers, browse the cold room and have a sausage sanger like I did.  Oh - the coffee is good too!

Bottom line: Be prepared to hunt for street parking and stalk customers for a seat.
Best tip: Take your own chair!

Sourced Grocer
11 Florence Street, Teneriffe.

Disclaimer - This is not a paid post - I just like it.