Sweet baby capsicum popsicles recipe

Try to stop at one with these intriguing popsicles with a twist!

Here's some inspiration on how to use the new season eye candy of the fresh produce world, Vine Sweet Minicaps baby capsicums. They are sweet, crunchy, full of flavour and undeniably good for you.

You could win a whole jar full plus a $500 Woolworths gift card simply by sharing your thoughts on how these baby capsicums could be 'eye candy'.  Be clever, be cheeky (not too cheeky, mind) or just have a go and you could be the lucky winner.

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Baby Capsicum Popsicles with Chilli Chocolate

Serves 12.
Prep Time: 10 minutes.
Cooking Time: 5 minutes.

  • 12 Vine Sweet Minicaps® baby capsicums
  • 200g callebaut or other quality dark chocolate
  • 12 skewers
  • 2tsp dried chilli flakes (mild)
Cooking Instructions
  • Melt chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave.
  • Thread Vine Sweet Minicaps® onto skewers and dip the tips into the warm chocolate, then roll in chilli flakes.
  • Stand to set.
 Recipe created by Andrew Mirosch, executive chef at Sirromet Winery, Brisbane.