Gourmet travel food dreams - Eating your way around Korea

Korean food is a bit of a mystery to me but that’s just the sort of gourmet tour challenge I like.

And with prices like $88 for a four hour tour, my pocket likes it too.

A few years ago a survey conducted on travellers departing Korea at Incheon International Airport indicated that food was the number one reason foreign tourists visit Korea.

Trip Advisor rates O'ngo Food Tours and Korean Cooking School as one of the most popular food tours to do in Seoul.

O'ngo's most popular four hour Night Dining tour in Seoul, takes in the sights of Seoul along the way eating and exploring Korean cuisine and culture at the cost of 88,000 Korean won (approx. A$88.00) per person.

There is also a 2.5 hour daytime tour taking you to the street stalls and restaurants in Insa-doing as well as the chance to taste a variety of Korean foods from spicy rice cake, Korean BBQ and savoury pancakes.

You can also join the Fish Market Tour which will take you to the famous Noryangin, Seoul's largest wholesale fish market. You'll get an introduction to Korean seafood and then pick out fish and seafood for a delicious meal at a restaurant.

At the O'ngo Korean Cooking School located in Insa-dong, the very popular dining and cultural hub in downtown Seoul you can join a Beginner's Cooking Class for the cost of 65.000 Korean won (A$65.00) minimum of two persons or have a private class from 80.000 Korean won (A$80). There are also intermediate classes available.

The company also organises trips for serious foodies to major food destinations outside of Seoul such as Chuncheon, Jeonju and Jeju Island.

A day tour to Jeonju, the food capital of Korea picks you up at your hotel in Seoul at 7am and takes you by bus to Jeonju (3hrs) where you visit the 400 year old hanok village and try the famous noodle soup and dumplings.  In Jeonju you visit a famous tea house, explore local temples and palaces and along the way try a lot of the local specialities.  The most famous Jeonju dish of all is one of Korea's most popular dishes.  A mixture of steamed rice and many vegetables and sometimes a little beef with a fried egg on top which you mix with the special red pepper sauce is loved by Koreans and foreigners alike.  The tour also visits a rice wine centre as well as a traditional market.  The Jeonju day tour costs approximately 350,000 Korean won (approx. A$350) minimum two persons.  You can upgrade and stay overnight in Jeonju if you wish in a Korean traditional house (an extra 150,000 Korean won - approx. A$150.00 for two with breakfast).

Have you visited Korea and enjoyed the food.  Any tips for newbies?

Disclaimer: Dreamings of a hungry food writer – nothing more.