Gourmet food dreams - Italian culinary journey through Basilicata

Basilicatan born Sydney chef Antonio Sabia is hosting an Italian culinary journey of a lifetime in June 2013, showcasing the culinary delights of his homeland during a week-long tour.

Spanning across multiple towns of Basilicata during eight days and seven nights, the tour is designed to immerse guests in the authentic flavour of Italian culinary culture. Guests can expect to experience true regional Italian cuisine, acquire new cooking skills and techniques, and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Trip highlights include plenty of cooking classes, lunches and dinner feasts, meals cooked by Tony’s Italian family, a mountain picnic and walk, wine region visits and a tour of an ancient castle, a farm lunch and trip to a lake. Guests also will be given an opportunity to experience the ‘Flying Angel’ – a zip line right across the Basilicatan Valley, followed by afternoon lunch at a renowned local restaurant.

The total cost for the trip is $3900 per person, which includes accommodation, transfers (but not flights), all breakfast, lunch and dinner, wine and mineral water. The departure date is Monday, June 10, 2013.

For more information and bookings, please contact Antonio Sabia at Puntino Trattoria on (02) 9331 8566. www.puntino.com.au