Ice cream countdown to Christmas

Are you counting sleeps until Christmas with joy, anticipation or feeling slightly scared?

Would an ice cream a day help smooth your way or ease your pain? Well may be not every day but check the Cold Rock Advent Calendar deals- running December 1 to 25- for an ice cream treat that you won’t be able to resist.

I’m familiar with Advent calendars where there’s a secret children’s treat behind each of the cardboard doors.  Busy fingers often helped themselves to the chocolates well before the date or worse still, the chocolate melted in Queensland’s hot summer weather. Chocolate stained faces were a dead giveaway.

Solution – take them out for an ice cream treat at Cold Rock and try the daily special. Based around the traditional Advent Calendar, a new offer is revealed each day. See the treats in store on posters pinned to a giant Christmas tree or promoted on the Cold Rock Facebook wall.

My closest Cold Rock is at Rosalie and we often send someone in the house on a mission for ice cream after dinner. We love the mix-ins – family favourites include Strawberry Freddos and Cookie Dough with smashed Tim Tams. We are also very keen on the Oreos smash in,

Today, when a top of 39 degrees was forecast for Brisbane, we headed down for an ice cream at Cold Rock. I couldn’t resist an early Christmas treat with Christmas Pud with smashed Tim Tams. It would have melted in the cone before I could eat it so I had to settle on a bowl.

There wasn’t much of the authentic Christmas Pud flavoured ice cream left when I let my dog, Tucker the corgi, lick the bowl.  

Here’s some other combos that are on my list to try
  • Turkish Delight with smashed Tim Tams
  • Cookies and cream ice cream with smashed M&Ms and Oreos
  • Chocolate ice cream with smashed Snickers and Maltesers
  • Aussie Vanilla ice cream with smashed Strawberries and Chocolate Fudge

Did you know Cold Rock Ice Creamery was born in the Brisbane suburb of Aspley in 1996.  Australia can thank Brisbane locals for supporting the first stores of the group which now spans over 90 stores Australia wide.

Find your local Cold Rock store here

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and Cold Rock have also paid to advertise on this blog.  However I was a Cold Rock addict long before I even started the blog.