Nitrogenie, Noosa Heads

I've fallen in love and its giving me goose bumps.

Luckily just $6.50 will get me a love fix but I will have to travel to Hastings Street, Noosa Heads to scratch my itch.

No, I haven't lost the plot but rather developed an instant addiction to salty caramelly popcorn ice cream at  Nitrogenie. It's nestled nicely into the courtyard opposite Aromas where I enjoyed my morning bacon and eggs.

Nitrogenie General Manager Todd Farr will explain how they use nitrogen to freeze their cream anglaise mix and create oh-so-finely textured, super smooth ice cream. It's a process that uses all natural products and requires no preservatives.

Best to eat your ice cream on the spot as it melts quickly.Also Todd tells me that the ice cream tastes better fresh. 

It took a while to make my Turkish Delight ice cream as I was the first customer for the morning. There’s lots of visual drama involved in the making with billowing clouds of cold air surrounding the mixer as the cream churns away.

While I enjoyed the Turkish delight ice cream, the salted caramel popcorn really blew my socks off with its intense, salty flavour and the popcorn crunch.  It was a goose bump moment.

Todd says other flavours with the same intensity include lemon meringue pie,strawberry white balsamic and choc mint.

The menu is small and constantly rotates to ensure the freshest ingredients and includes plenty of old faves. They are also happy to innovate flavours if the base ingredients are available.

The process of using liquid nitrogen to create food has been popular in high end kitchens for a while thanks to adventurous chefs like Heston Blumenthal. Now that kitchen drama is on display highlighted by clever neon lighting and a slick fit out.

This is a venture from the people who brought us the much moved Harajuku Gyoza dumpling bar in Brunswick Street.  

Hastings Street has at least five ice cream shops including the much loved Massimo's but Nitrogenie stands out with its innovative flavours and entertaining presentation.

Bottom line -Expect to pay between $6.50 to $7 for an ice cream.
Best tip: Much easier to share the cup ice cream than the cone as it can melt quickly.

Best tip: try the salted caramel popcorn flavour

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was given two ice creams to taste while researching this story.