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Bacchanalian orgy?

The opening of Bacchus Restaurant was the food social event of the week with aerial angels suspended from great heights to welcome guests at the launch of this  new bar, restaurant and pool concept.

To Ed+bK’s knowledge there were no reports of excessive drink, live sex, staged prisoner torture and gladiator battles which were considered appropriate homage to the god Bacchus in Roman days.

There was, however, the pouring Moet Chandon Brut imperial NV upside down, a fine art mastered by several talented ladies who kept glasses topped up for guests throughout the course of the evening. 

Foodie god and Masterchef star Matt Preston lead the lavish celebration officially launching the new venue.  Guests indulged in Bloody Mary Sorbets, Lime and Tequila Oyster Shots and Lamb Lollipop canapés, all miniature inspirations of the Bacchus menu.

Grab a geisha

It is pleasing that Merlo’s coffee bean for the month of December has not been excreted from the neither regions of an animal in a foreign county. Instead this year it is an extremely rare coffee varietal which many coffee connoisseurs worldwide consider to have the most brilliantly complex and intense flavour profile of all. Geisha Panama has saturated sweetness, superior cleanliness and a sparkling flavour that ranges from berry and citrus to mango, papaya and peach. A very distinct bergamot-like finish is also typical in the cup profile.

Be warned - other starring beans showcased by Merlo in December include the world’s two rarest beans – Kopi Luwak and Jacu Bird, both sold out in days.

Top tips from Ed+bK food spotters

Authentic Spanish tapas

This city like umpteen places that are doing tapas to death, but I keep coming back to Granada in Melbourne Street, South Brisbane for the closest thing Brisbane has to offer for authentic Spanish tapas.  It has a great bar, with a terrific selection of Spanish wines and beers and whilst our food restrictions might prevent a proper tapas bar, it certainly ticks all the boxes on the food front.  I have tried the others, but they don't measure up.
John MacDonald, Palatable Partners

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Love is all you need

I’m not breaking into song here but I am shouting out that I have four double passes to the advance screening on Wednesday (December 5) at 6.30pm at Palace Barracks of the new Pierce Brosnan movie Love Is All You Need.

According to this movie, all you need is have an accent and reverse badly into Pierce’s car - the rest is history.  Apart from the eye candy factor, this movie includes Italian food and wine which is why I’m sharing with you. Really!

Warning: If you are offended by small glimpses of nudity, please don't view the trailer.

If you’d like one of the passes leave a comment below and email me. 

Disclaimer: Just sharing food love and tickets which have been given to me to share with you. 

Kerry Heaney