Catch a mullet on the run after Anzac Day!

According to the old timers, Anzac Day and the first chilly southwester signal the start of the mullet run with delicious sea mullet working their way north for the winter months.

Southern Queensland ocean beach crews will be perched on headlands ‘spotting’ patches of these winter beauties.

I've always been partial to the stronger flavour of mullet. Mullet die-hards pan fry the fillets, roe and the melt. Roe is the sacs of eggs from the female mullet (like caviar etc) and is a highly prized item in Japan and equally on the local scene. It can be smoked or fried.

Melt, from the male fish, is white and smooth in texture. It’s usually a secondary choice to roe and is best crumbed and fried.

Mullet is an ideal partner for modern Mediterranean flavours. Rich in the good oils, mullet fillets are the perfect fish to load up in the kipper box and enjoy hot kippers on a wintery day.

Look out for the pink fleshed sea mullet fillets in your local fishmonger.

Kerry Heaney