Depo, West End, Brisbane

I’m envious of the mothers of children at West End State School for they have the ultimate after school drop-off coffee spot – Depo.

This new addition from Alexander Lotersztain, the man responsible for the more than quirky décor at Alfred & Constance, and Dutch chef and co-owner Erik van Genderen, was the perfect antidote for us to yet another grey Brisbane Sunday morning.

As rain sprinkled down outside we tucked into their day menu which includes a range of breakfast and lunch type options from 7am to 3pm. 

I expected this new venue to be busy and it was, but it only took a short wait on a comfy lounge before a table became available.  We had the choice of a cup of coffee and a copy of Portlandia to keep us occupied but my mind was more than taken up just surveying the room. From Dutch clogs and balsa surfboards to mirrored walls and full-sized antelopes, this café has them all.  It’s not a place where you will ever be stuck for a conversation starter.

But all the great décor in the world means nothing if the food and service are not up to scratch.  Happily, Depo has all three under control with snappy, friendly service and food that tastes as good as it looks.

A late breakfast was on our minds so the Farmers breakfast with a melange of fried potato, ham and capsicum topped with two poached eggs was an easy pick.  It came out hot and looking delicious – a fry up with style.  My only comment here is that the two poached eggs differed widely in their ‘doneness’ with one overly runny and the other a little too set.

The baguette with roasted vegetables and pesto had a decent helping of oozy mozzarella on top and a small salad, nicely tossed with a piquant dressing.  It just hit the spot.

There’s plenty more to tempt on the menu including simple rye bread and aged gouda or super food porridge with quinoa, coconut and kiwi. From 11.30 the daily lunch specials also kick in.

Depo is so cool it even has it’s own app.  Find it at the app store and download if you plan on being a regular.

Although there’s plenty of effort been put into sound absorption in this bunker like space, the noise level, not helped by loud music, is still high.  If that’s an issue for your ears go elsewhere, otherwise sit back, look around and feel the energy of this more than interesting place.

Bottom line: Parking could be an issue particularly during school drop off and pick up times.
Best tip:  Pick up some pasta from CJs next door while you are there.

Depo, 16 Horan Street, West End.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for this meal

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