Tiki Bar, Alfred&Constance

There’s nothing shy about the décor at Alfred & Constance in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley which won design studio Derlot the award for best Australia and Pacific Bar in the 2013 UK Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Ed+bK Bar Reporter Alexander Heaney Stone visited to check out their new summer cocktail menu.

A&C’s new cocktail menu has been crafted with help from master mixoligist Richard Boccato who works with world renowned bars including Dutch Kills in New York and Sweetleaf in Long Island City. This is the third Tiki menu Richard has helped Alfred and Constance create.

First it’s head up the stairs to the White Lightning Tiki Bar to once again get lei’d (with a garland of flowers), for our starter drink of the night, a Tiki-take on one of Brisbane’s favourites. The barman began with an Espresso Martini then blended it with the idea of Tiki-style cocktails.

The result? Meet the Castaway which tastes to me amazingly like Christmas. I think it’s the creamy, brandy mix and the warmth in the stomach that really reminds me of custard left at the bottom of the bowl after a really good Xmas pudding that grandma left soaking in brandy too long. The pineapple slice sitting on the side of the glass adds that extra touch of summer. Definitely good!

Next was there was an updated version of the 1930s Zombie cocktail, the 1950s Zombie. Having had a couple of run-ins with the old zombie cocktail on previous occasions, I decided to take this one a little slower. With a white rum, dark rum and Cuban rum (Richard told us it was fun to work with this as he doesn’t get it at home due to Cuban import restrictions) it definitely packs a punch. It is designed to be drunk slowly as the flavours in the drink will subtly change as the ice melts giving the drinker varying tastes throughout the experience.

Then out came the giant flaming Best Year Bowl. I started drinking this concoction by myself which wasn't the best idea as it’s designed to be shared by four. Thankfully it wasn't too hard to convince some of my fellow guests to give me a hand finishing this tasty treat.

To finish off we had a Happy Ending, a pina colada-styled drink with perfectly balanced the creaminess and alcohol, which was a nice finish to the night.

Alfred & Constance

Best tip: Drink responsibly folks
Bottom line: Great atmospheric bar which can get very busy.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Alfred&Constance