Navala Churrascaria, Riverside Quarter

The air is filled with a delicious roasting aroma, there's a man standing in front of me carving thick slices of rare beef onto my plate and a perfect wiggling female bottom wearing only a g-string sashays past.

Navala Churrascaria has added new flavour to the Riverside Quarter on Eagle Street where you'll also find Jellyfish Restaurant, Black Bird Bar & Grill and Pig & Whistle.

Ancient Brazilian cooking techniques are responsible for the oh-so-tender skewers of slow cooked meat that wander the room courtesy of the wait staff.  The stand at the table with a long knife in hand and a questioning look to see if you'd like to try their offering. It's a carnivore's dream come true.

The selection of meats included rotisserie skewer flank steak, rump, pork neck, lamb rump, coconut fish, garlic prawns, pork leg, chicken breast and more.  From the fire pit the choices include whole pork belly, whole suckling pig, aged rib on the bone and more.  There's 22 meats in all and if you choose the unlimited Brazilian barbecue degustation for $53 you can try them all.

What goes with the meat?  Sides include carioca beans, chinese broccoli. farofa, crumbed banana, coconut rice, chips and a selection of sauces.

Pineapple basted with brown sugar, again given the special Brazilian treatment, was an interesting sweet touch to the meal.

You'll find this little pot on your table and it's designed to signal the wait staff to bring more food (green) or stop bringing food (red).  

Dessert is priced separately and choices include chocolate brownies with guava and brazilian pine nuts and a coconut mousse with passionfruit and tapioca.

It's good to see this 300 seat prime riverside position, which boasts magnificent river views, back in action and sure to attract a lively crowd.  Bright colours abound in the outdoor seating area on the balcony where you can enjoy the view and in another outdoor area at the entrance enhanced by wall gardens.

The men behind the restaurant are directors Daniel Fujimoto, who operates churrascarias in Sydney and Head Chef David Kim.

During the FIFA World, Navala will celebrate with Brazilian jazz bands, drummers and carnival dancers on the weekends.

Bottom line:  Entrees are around $14, mains from $16 to $28 and desserts are priced around $8.
Best tip:  Don't bring your vegetarian friends but children are okay as there's a special kid's menu.

Where else can you get your Brazil on in Brisbane?  Try
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Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was a guest at Navala's opening night