Ya Ya Bar & Eatery, Samford.

"What's the best place to eat in Samford?" I asked my Twitter friends.

There were several contenders, including the back deck on someone's home, but Ya Ya Bar & Eatery in Samford's Main Street, was a clear winner.

So that's where we headed early on a beautifully clear Sunday morning to meet with friends and then head on a motor cycle ride out into the hills.

Yes, I am revealing myself as a motor cycle rider.  Our 'gang' has of weekend warriors been dubbed 'Sons of Arthritis' and takes to the road for short and longer trips around the countryside. There are a few rules - no leathers (so last century - we are all outfitted in high tech gear), no pony tails (except for the women) and no Harleys - however that could all change at a whim.

Some of our group are nearly locals and agree that Ya Ya Bar is a top place for breakfast and also doubles as a great bar at night.

It was good to see a breakfast menu that went beyond the ordinary with deviled duck livers but no one from our group was that brave.

Here's what we did order.

Breaky sarnie

Grilled field mushrooms

Bacon, creamed corn, poached eggs and sourdough

Potato bravas

Croque Madame
Ya Ya  Bar and Eatery

Bottom line: Breakfast is priced between $15 and $18.

Best tip:  Be braver than we were and try the deviled duck livers.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for this meal

Kerry Heaney

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