Will you take a look at that view!

With sparkling blue water ringed by tall gum trees stretching into the distance, Lake Wivenhoe is blissfully beautiful.

It's just about an hour's drive from Brisbane, depending on what part of Brisbane you are departing from, and is popular with families for fishing, boating, camping, picnics and swimming.  Only non-fuel powered boats are allowed so there's no noise drowning out the bird song here.

From the verandah of the old Queenslander-style building that houses Cormorant Cafe, the lake views are panoramic and certainly enhance the dining experience.

Along with a group of motor cycling friends, I sat down for a weekend breakfast recently.

There's a wide selection of items on the breakfast menu.  My choice was the corn fritters from the specials menu, but having recently enjoyed some really wonderful fritters I found these a little thick and floury, lacking in flavour and overcooked.

My friends however really enjoyed their meals and were very happy with the flavours.

Despite my breakfast disappointment, this really is a delightful place to visit because of the fabulous views.

Bottom line:  Breakfast prices range from $12 to $22.
Best tip:  This is a popular spot so make sure you book during peak periods.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for the meal.