Five food resolutions for 2015

A new year means a new start and the opportunity to change.  This year I want to go up a level in my food awareness with five goals for everyday.

I already practise the principles but I know I can do better, so this is the year!  Please join me.

1. Buy local first

I don't want to buy food that is more travelled than I am. If the pomegranates are coming from the USA or the asparagus is from Peru I'm going to buy something else. I'm also choosing local strawberries (when they are in season) over Victorian strawberries. This goes for meat and seafood too.

Shopping local at small operators is also on my list. I want to walk into a shop and ask a local what's new, what's in season and what's really great at the moment.

2. Eat less but enjoy it more

The plan is to buy great quality but in smaller quantities. This means the best steak but only in small portions, cakes from the people who use real butter and vanilla and fresh local seafood. I'll have less wastage and there will be fewer kilojoules consumed.  It's a happy fact that great tasting, good quality food has no more kilojoules than the average flavoured stuff.

3. Avoid eateries with tired food

This one is so easy and yet also so hard.  I'm always on the hunt for the best food but dragging the others who are with me on the path can sometimes be mighty difficult.  Yes, sometimes I've stopped for a coffee at generic coffee places but this year's resolution means I'll be seeking out small operators and hoping my friends and family will make the effort to come with me.

I'm also going further.  When I pay between $20 to $30 for a main it's going to be worth it.  Too many times I end up with a tasteless substitute for real food at a cafes where the operators but profit ahead of flavour.

4. Revamp my veggie patch

Apart from a couple of very healthy, overly large parsley plants, it's looking very tired and unloved.  I'm blaming a hectic travel year but I could also be honest and admit I lost interest.  It's nothing that a bit of digging, a trip to the nursery and some plant whispering can't fix.  I'll stick with my proven winners - lettuce, rocket and tomatoes - and hope for the best.

5. Drink more water

A recent bout of kidney stones in the family has reminded me of the need to drink plenty of water.  Sometimes it's inconvenient and sometimes it just plain boring but a new jug which makes fruit-infused water easy is certainly helping.

I hope this inspires you to make your own list and I'd love to know your food resolutions for 2015.  Please leave a comment below.

Kerry Heaney