Willow & Spoon, Wilston


Don't be fooled by the small cafe street front of Willow & Spoon at Newmarket.  There's a world of wonder out the back, far away from the maddening crowd.

Think backyard bliss big time with an expanse of green turf and room for kiddies to run and play.

To find this nirvana, head around the side of the building, past the fake grass and into the wild.

This is certainly where I'll be sitting next time because the traffic noise in the Newmarket Road level section gave me a headache. It was even hard to hold a conversation.

I did like the retro menu holders which were old LPs with pages zip tied.

My cousin was very excited by the number of gluten free options available on the menu but our first choice, a fruit crumble, was not available.  We ended up with banana bread and a pear and almond tart.  Both were pleasant but not memorable.

You might remember Willow& Spoon from their previous location at Alderley, which also had a great 'back yard'.

Willow & Spoon, 190 Newmarket Road, Wilston

Bottom line: coffee $3.90,
Best for: Famlies, group gatherings, coffee catch ups.
Best tip: If you are self concious about using the loo, you might want to keep in mind that the toilet is located down the back requiring a very obvious walk.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for her meal

Kerry Heaney