Doughnut Time, Fortitude Valley

It's not hard to find the new Doughnut Time, just look for the queue of doughnut lovers stretching around the block at Alfred Street in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

This new pop-up which has grown out of reclaimed space at Alfredo's, Doughnut Time is another food innovation from the irrepressible Damain Griffiths.

The doughnuts are made in the kitchen of sister venue Chester Street in Newstead. They are trying hard to meet the demand, making between 1300 to 1400 doughnuts a day to replenish stock every two hours, but it's just not enough.

Chef Kylie says they don't take short cuts and the doughnuts take between 30 minutes to an hour to proof.

"It's a labour of love," she says. "The kitchen is being redesigned to better cope with making more doughnuts but we could probably sell 2,000 a day."

There's more than 10 flavours including traditional glazed doughnuts such as Vanilla and Chocolate and more creative creations including Pistachio and Brown Butter, Raspberries and Cream, and Maple and Bacon. Fancier-filled doughnuts include a Crème Brûlée doughnut, a Nutella doughnut topped with cinnamon sugar, and a decadent Lemon Cheesecake doughnut.

Doughnut Time opens seven days a week and deliveries are available for residents and offices from Fortitude Valley to the CBD.  You can also order on line.

Best tip: Eat them quickly - these are a fresh product with no preservatives and the flavour changes even in just a couple of hours.
Bottom line: The doughnuts cost $6 each

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Doughnut Time