Top 5 Brewsvegas 2015 events

It's that time of year again. The Brisbane beer elves are about and there's no doubt that they are inviting us all for a drink or two at some of the city's top bars.

Eat,drink+beKerry Bar expert Alexander Stone gives his top five picks for the best Brewsvegas events.

It’s Brewsvegas, your best excuse for midweek / midday drinking, so pull up your socks and help me enjoy my favourite events.

What can make beer better? Aging it in wine barrels of course! A Baltic Porter, Barleywine, Sour Saison and a Cider all aged in different wine barrels will be available all day. Grab a paddle and a meal for $30. Only available on Tuesday though so chuck a sickie at lunch time and go have some beer.
Tuesday 24th, all day, 85 Doggett Street, Newstead, Queensland, Australia

Rum, beer and chocolate these are some of my favourite things. Sample five Angostura rums with five hearty 4 Pines beers with chocolate plus dried fruit and nuts to even it out.
Wednesday 25th, 7pm,  $60, at 75 Welsby Street, New Farm.

Archive have teamed up with Jungle to produce a rum, a bourbon and a whisky boilermaker with a three course meal to help easy you through your midweek blues / hangover because its Brewsvegas week.   Thursday 26th 7pm $59 book online, 100 Boundary Street, West End.

Who doesn't enjoy air dried meat? I love my jerky and will definitely be turning up to chew down on some Darling Jerky, plus Blone Lorry will be there serving up street food. 

Costume picklebacks also will be on offer. For those of who don’t know, a pickleback is a type of shot that contains pickle brine and whisky making it taste surprising like a cheese burger. You have to try one, believe me!   Friday 27th 6:30pm at 69 Vulture Street, West End.

Get in early for this one! Sadly last year I was a little hung over and showed up too late missing out on all the delicious chilli and beer. This years entries so far are – Pablo, Cove Bar & Dining, Brewski, Super Whatnot, The Statler & Waldorf Gastronomy Pub, Anise, Team Goat, Brisbane Brewing Co., Local Mobile Deli (Food Truck) plus some late entries to follow. $10 for a beer and a taste of all the chilli. Sounds like a good Sunday to me!  Sunday 29th 10am – 4pm $10 at venue, 215 Given Terrace, Paddington.

Statler & Waldorf – Pony Rides

My favorite event of last year's Brewsvegas is back again - $40 for a pony from each of their eight taps plus a stylish t-shirt (I still wear mine from last year). Also I wish to apologise to the poor girl I convinced to come along last year with the story that there would be actual ponies (there wasn't). Enjoy it all week long at 25 Caxton Street, Brisbane.

For more info on any of these events or just to check out all the ones I can't get to, go to the Bewsvegas website