Wham Bam Banh Mi, Petrie Terrace

If you are not seriously addicted to the flavour-filled Vietnamese rolls known as banh mi, you will be after a mouthful of the creations at Wham Bam Bahn Mi on Brisbane's Petrie Terrace.

The banh mi takes an ordinary roll to another level with the combination of a crisp Vietnamese style baguette, tender meat and pickled vegetables to add both crunch and flavour.

You'll find this weekday lunchtime pop up in the pretty courtyard entrance to Libertine Restaurant at the Police Barracks on Brisbane's Petrie Terrace.

Head Chef Linton Smith has come up with a short menu of bahn mi faves plus some noodle salad bowls.

Libertine Restaurant owner Andrew Baturo says bahn mi are the super heroes of sandwiches.  "They are so good they should be wearing capes and fighting crime," he says. "We are also doing a healthy selection of crunchy Vietnamese salad bowls."

I have two favourites on the menu. 3 Little Pigs is pig three ways - roast pork, red braised pork and pork terrine - with Vietnamese pickled vegetables and fresh herbs.  Bang Bang Chicken puts poached chicken with the Vietnamese pickled vegetables and herbs with a black vinegar and sesame dressing, plus there's a hidden tang.

There's free cold Vietnamese tea while you wait or dine and there are plenty of tables under the shady pergola or umbrellas.  I'm predicting this will be a highly popular spot on a sunny winter's day.

The pop-up operates from 11am to 2.30pm

Recommended for:  Great lunch alternative local workers around The Barracks.
Bottom line: Expect to pay $8 - $10 for your bahn mi or noodle salad bowl.
Best tip: Some of the ingredients are spicy so check first if that's not your thing.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was a lunch guest at Wham Bam Bahn Mi