Vegemite chocolate - the verdict

It sounds like an April Fools joke gone wrong, but the evidence is on supermarket shelves. Vegemite chocolate exists, if only for a limited time according to Cadbury.

The trend emerged on Australia Day when Gelatissimo offered Vegemite ice cream.  It was a duo swirl of vegemite and caramel through vanilla ice cream with small chunks of brioche - memorable but not a stayer.

There's a definite whiff of Vegemite when you open the 200gm of Cadbury's Dairy Milk Vegemite Chocolate but the block looks just like any other.

What does it taste like?  A survey of six of my fellow office workers at the RACQ's The Road Ahead Magazine revealed Vegemite chocolate is the sort of stuff that you either love or hate, with more haters than lovers in my office.

Here's what they said when they took their first bit of vegemite chocolate -

An unpleasant, subtle inclusion in an otherwise pleasant chocolate. 
Put the vegemite back in the jar Cadbury.


It's disgusting. Just tastes wrong.

I'm pleasantly surprised and would buy it. 
It's not what I expected and is very mild.

Better than I anticipated but I wouldn't buy it. 
It weirded me out.

I hate vegemite but I was personally surprised by the small amount in the chocolate. 
The caramel saves everything. I would try it again.

I really like it and would buy it. 
There's a delicious kick of vegemite.

Eat, drink + be Kerry
I kinda like it but there's others at the top of my list. 
I'm really a dark chocolate fan.

Recommended for:  Those who love to try new things - walk on the wild side!
Best tip:  It's fun to share. I couldn't imagine eating a whole block
Bottom line: A block costs under $3

Disclaimer: This was all my own silly idea.  Not a sponsored post.