Who wants to be a chocolate maker? Taste test

Have you ever wanted to create your dream block of chocolate?   The one that you wish existed?

And what happens when your favourite chocolate block, perhaps mint chip chocolate blocks or Cadbury's marble, just disappears off the shelves?

Enter  Chocolab, a company that will hand make a block to order using Belgian chocolate in white, milk and dark adding your selection of ingredients.  It's not perfect, as you can only choose from their list of extra ingredients, but the list is extensive.  And they deliver it to your door which is just what every chocoholic needs.

I decided to put my work colleagues to the test and see if they could magic up some winning combinations for Chocolab to create.

This is what it looked like when it arrived via delivery.

I put a six person tasting team to work to find the winning flavour combination -

Kel came up with a mix using a white chocolate base adding in turkish delight, hazelnuts, honey roasted cashews and roasted coffee beans all sprinkled with chilli powder.

It sounds and looks like the result of a bad hangover but it actually tasted very interesting.

This was a polarizing block and the taste test team either loved or hated it, but there was nothing left over to fight about in the end.

Lynda's creation started with a milk chocolate base adding in white chocolate chips, butterscotch toffee bits and hazelnuts all covered with a good dose of shredded coconut.

It was a nice chocolate but a little disappointing for Lynda as it didn't really have a memorable flavour.  However, it certainly disappeared fast and was popular with everyone.

Safe, middle of the road chocolate.

I'm not sure what Lara was thinking when she came up with her creation.  It all began with milk chocolate, adding caramel popcorns, macadamia nut halves and popping candy rocks, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt.

A party in your mouth, it tasted sort of like a Cadbury Creations block, but not.  Another polarizing block, this one had lovers and haters - probably more haters than lovers.

The popping candy made it fun to eat but Lara got lots to take home.

The scores:

Lynda's block - 42
Kel's block - 37
Lara's block - 26

Ed+bK rating:  4/5 for fun value - more if you make a great combination.

Recommended for:  People who like to try something different

Best tip: Their gift certificates could be the perfect present for a chocolate lover.

Bottom line:  A block of chocolate with five different ingredients costs around $11. Postage starts at $7.


Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was gifted the chocolate