7 awesome Christmas gifts foodies will love

Looking for Christmas gifts that will share your love of food and cooking?  Here's my top suggestions for a fabulous food themed Christmas gift.


1. Barbecue buddy

This is one for anyone who loves to barbecue or roast meat and likes techy things that link to your smart phone. It's a temperature prob that inserts into the meat and feeds you information through an app on your phone on the internal temperature as you roast so you know exactly how the cooking is going without standing beside the barbie or oven. I do love a gadget, especially one that works as well as this one. Find it at Taste for $49.99. 

2. Give memories
I've just completed my first photo book which someone is getting for Christmas!  So I won't share too many details except that this is a great way to give memories.  For a foodie friend there would be nothing better than a book filled with your special recipes with photos or for the traveller - their last holiday with all the memories.  It's fun see the book come together, just make sure you triple check your words and captions.  Head to Photobox for more inspiration.

3. Absolutely dishy! 

And I'm not just talking about the food. Great to see 12 top Australian chefs getting together for good cause and giving food lovers something to get excited about. Purchase your Dishes calendar from www.dishes.com and help empower vulnerable women in Cambodia. You'll have 12 months of dishy chefs and food to enjoy. So glad James Viles of Biota Dining is cooking for my birthday month. Who is cooking for yours?

4. All I want for Christmas 

is delicious I Heart Brownies plus a few other little things.... At $4 for a beautifully boxed brownie these little gems are a great thank you or surprise Xmas treat.

5. Cake with heart

Take a bite of the Youngcare blonde Christmas Cake and you're tapping into a unique family recipe from Bronwyn, a Youngcare resident, passed down through generations. Her recipe has received a tick of approval from chef Ben O'Donoghue.  All proceeds from these limited edition cakes will go towards building better lives for young people with high needs like Bronwyn.  The cakes cost $26.50 plus postage. Order online from Youngcare

6. Gingerbread house

Gifts that come from your own kitchen are amongst my favourite things to receive at Christmas.  I think its really special that someone takes the time to make a special present for you. Even better if you can eat it.  I made a gingerbread house for the folk at RACQ where I work on The Road Ahead magazine and they loved it.   The gingerbread house kit came from Ikea. Yes, there's more than just furniture there to assemble.  Here's how I did it. 

7. Rum balls

Package up these gob smackingly awesome rum balls and give them to your neighbours, work mates or friends.  Do remember to save some for the family.