It pays to be a street walker in Fortitude Valley

Brisbane's Fortitude Valley is an area known for its range of restaurants, bars and cafes, vibrant entertainment and edgy fashion, but you don't have to look hard to discover another creative side of Valley life.

The days are long gone when street art was considered graffiti. Now a wide variety of art forms brighten up unused spaces making social comment or just something that pleases the eye.

Wandering the Valley in search of new food, I found lots to admire.  Here are my favourites starting with the man and the street sign in Wynn Lane, which has also become popular for photos.  People like to copy his pose in reverse.

It could be just a traffic signal box but instead, it's an amusing introduction to what makes the Valley tick. Artforce is a community art project that enables local artists to paint their original works on traffic signal boxes around Brisbane suburbs. Anyone Brisbane resident can apply although there is a selection process.  Find this one in Ann Street near Wynn Lane.

Many pass through these doors on Ann Street on their way to an evening of night club fun at The Zoo but I'm betting they don't see the rosy side of life in the early morning.

Hidden away down the back of building off Ann Street, sort of opposite Morgan Street, is this large work with a very expressive face.  I found it wandering down for a closer look at the mural on the side of the Tryp Hotel.

Brightening up Ann Street with a splash of green and orange, you'll find this one on the same side, near the GPO Hotel.

Head down Lucky Lane and around the corner to find a poetry plaque, but remember, no parking!

A pidgeon-eyed view of the world on a signal box on the Ann Street footpath.

In the laneway that leads to the lift that takes you up to Up, on the top floor of the Tryp Hotel, there's plenty of art to catch the eye.  I suspect this work is modelled on someone who had too much of a good time at a local establishment.

Find this work in the middle of the Brunswick Street Mall, where the Burrito Shack adds a dash of colour with a mural of hungry faces.

Walk or drive down Wickham Street and you'll see this enormous painting on the left-hand side between Gipps and Brunswick Streets.  There's a large vacant block of land next to it so it may be hidden by a new development in the future.

This work on the roller door which conceals the bar Kerbside in Constance Street during the day was completed during the 2016 Brisbane Street Art Festival in February.

Stand on the other side of Constance Street, opposite to the Tryp Hotel to see the face on its facade.

The same face is repeated inside.  This one was at the end of the foyer on Level 1.  The building contains much art of the same ilk.

This is only a selection of what is to be found and there's much more awaiting your discovery in Fortitude Valley.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was wandering the streets of Fortitude Valley to discover the area's latest food offerings and a guest of Tryp Hotel.