Best Brisbane Blogs

Sometimes when I'm sitting at the computer late at night or early in the morning I wonder why I blog about food in Brisbane.

I'm sure my partner and daughter wonder the same thing when I ask yet another question at a restaurant or market stall. Or, worse still, buy another jar of chutney or tea! But I don't hear them complaining when the purchase is native peppermint fudge!

But it's all about the quest to find new foods, great foods and something a little out of the ordinary - that keeps me going.

Being included in The Brisbane Times list 'Best of the Brisbane Blogosphere' is a real boost and puts a little more cream on the cake. Congratulations to Eat Drink Brisbane who also were included on the food list.

There are many other great local food blogs out there as well - keep going guys! Here's just a few

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Gastronomy Gal said...

Wow Kerry- just spotted this. Thank you very much and a HUGE Congratulations to you and Ally!

Eat, drink + be Kerry said...

You are welcome Eliza - love the look and style of your blog!

liz said...

Thanks Kerry for the link. Our URL has changed to www.strayedtable.com Thanks for supporting us at Strayed from the Table. Liz and Roy