Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Seaduction, Soul Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

I gazed at the degustation menu and saw crispy pigs ear and my heart stopped for a moment.

Last time I had seen pig's ears was at the pet shop when I was buying bones for my beloved Tucker.  They didn't look very appetising.

The rest of the degustation menu at Seaduction read like a dream and I decided to place faith in the ability of super chef Steve Szabo.  Until recently Steve has been whipping up niceties at Vanitas and Vie in Palazzo Versace, a little way down the road from Surfers Paradise at Southport.

View from the balcony

Now he's moved to the brand spanking new Seaduction at the Sea Temple on Surfers Paradise Boulevard.  It's a stunning position with ocean views so close I think the balcony could almost be hit by surf spray on a windy day.

Steve's credentials are pretty impressive - two hats at Vanitas and Vie, several locally and nationally acclaimed wine lists, a Gourmet Traveller 3 Goblets award and a successful cookbook.  His training ground included some of the finest Michelin Star restaurants of Europe.

Soul Surfers Paradise is housed within the luxurious 77 level Soul complex which opened at the end of September 2011. Smack outside is the new 200 metre redevelopment of the foreshore which has transformed the Esplanade into a sweeping expanse for pedestrians, sun-seekers and outdoor diners.

Seaduction's entry 

Very groovy back lit bar

Comfy club chairs for pre dinner drinks

Well executed, but this was a bit 'The Godfather' for me.

Seaduction is on the first floor of the building with the hotel reception and has a wonderful balcony overlooking the beach that just screams sunset drinks.

The private dining room
Wine cellar off the private dining room

We were dining in the private dining room which also includes a wine cellar stocked with local and international wines.

Seduction's cuisine is described as Australian influenced by an abundance of local seasonal produce, featuring Asian and Pacific Rim flavours as well as signature dishes and Chef's choice of the day.  I'm thinking that just about covers everything - tick!

Here's what we ate -

Tuna and avocado roll studded with sand crab served with wendland lime olive oil powder

Handmade tortellini of goat's cheese, with baby beetroot gel, crushed walnuts, mandarin and burnt butter.

Seared diver scallops served with braised pork cheek, sweet corn custards and mushroom foam

Atlantic salmon slow cooked at 50 degrees confit served with cucumber caviar, apple aioli and truffle salsa
Twice cooked port and crispy pig's ear, served with cannelli bean puree, white asparagus and Guinness bubbles

Michel Cluziel Maralumi Chocolate pave served with sheep milk yoghurt spheres and candied apple

Petit Fours to end

It was a most memorable meal with exquisitely balanced flavours. I didn't even think twice about the crispy pig's ear - just ate and enjoyed.

Bottom line: Dining here is an experience not to be missed.
Best tip: Try something new, you'll probably like it!

Disclaimer:  Kerry Heaney was a guest of Soul Surfers Paradise.

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