To market, to market - Brisbane's real produce markets

Want to know where to find the freshest local produce straight from the farmer's arms to yours?

Here's a list of Brisbane markets where you'll find fresh local produce galore. 

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Disclaimer:  This story is from the April edition of Brisbane Where Magazine.

Kerry Heaney


laurab said...

Kerry - thanks for sharing your great article! Have you heard of Farmhouse Direct - any thoughts ont hat concept?

Kerry Heaney said...

Hi Laura, I haven't tired Farmhouse Direct but I generally find these services offer reasonable value and are helpful in our busy lives. I've had regular fruit/veg deliveries over the years and they can be a godsend. Because they are seasonal, you also find yourself using new produce that may not normally make it into your shopping basket.

Anonymous said...

Kerry I find the freshness as hard to find at the farmers at the powerhouse markets now. Seems there is more cheap nick nacks then genuine farmers. I have seen imported fruit and veggies there. When asked where all of the genuine farmers have gone I was told the stall fees are too high now and they cant afford to sell their wares. Your comments?

Anonymous said...

Hello Kerry, I love your blog. Have you heard about the new markets opening on Sat 16 Nov in West End? Check this out:

The Boundary Street Markets at West End will be housed on the historic site of the old Peter’s Factory (now the Absoe site) in West End and will bring together a people’s market with a village vibe. Presenting a collective of growers, food producers, local artisans and designers, traders will showcase their product each weekend in the undercover grounds at the old Peters Factory site. Market-goers can catch up on the weekly fruit & veg shop, buy a unique gift or just enjoy a catch-up-coffee. Offering everything from local fresh and exotic growers and producers including farm fresh, organics, herbs, flowers, bread, pastry, honey, seafood, meat, cakes, eggs, spices, teas, coffee, yoghurt, nuts, oils, deli, juices, icecream, muesli, pate, antipasto, candy, gelato, popcorn, gluten free, PLUS homewares, eco products, jewellery, fashion, retro, handmade, antique traders, vintage, upcycled, recycled, knitters, stationery, kids style, tea makers, clothing, bohemian style, silversmiths, art, pottery, candles, body products, ink and so much more.
Situated on the corner of Boundary & Mollison Streets in the heart of West End, the Markets are easily accessible by the City Glider bus stopping right outside the door, by train, bike, walking or driving.

Every Saturday & Sunday commencing 16th & 17th November from 7am – 2pm.

Hope to see you there. Let me know if you'd like some images.

Giannina for