Hot coffee house

So new the paint is barely dry, the Boys' House of Coffee in Musk Street, Kelvin Grove has full-flavoured, well-rounded coffee and a great range of breakfast and lunch options. Well priced for students and locals, the daily-roasted fair trade coffee starts at $3 and eggs on toast costs a reasonable $7. Muffins are $3.50.

The decor is street smart with pop art inspired graffiti and polished painted concrete floors. There's also a spectacular crystal pendant light and plenty of outdoor seating for people watching.

We tried some gorgeous little cakes, pistachio and orange and chocolate. The chocolate was a little dry but the pistachio, well that got rave reviews.

Kelvin Grove Village is only minutes from the city on a good run and there was plenty of parking around 3pm on a week day when we visited.

Boys House of Coffee, Musk Street, Kelvin Grove.