Chefs showcase raw talent

I know things are uncertain in the restaurant scene and it's always harder to make a buck in Sydney but naked chefs to promote the restaurant?

Reported in The Daily Telegraph January 31, 2009- WHAT do you do when the boss orders you to strip naked in the workplace? It seems the answer is "as you're told" if Justin Hemmes is the boss and that's what nine of his chefs did last week for an upcoming promotion for the Merivale Group's nine restaurants. And that includes Est.'s Peter Doyle, one of the venerable doyens of Sydney's chef scene who posed with fellow chef Lauren Murdoch at the Ivy kitchen shoot.

Is this going to be a calendar? Obviously not something to hang near the dining table! Will this catch on in Brisbane? Anyone game enough to suggest who should be on a local calendar? Which top chefs would you like to see with a carefully positioned apron a la Lauren Murdoch or a pile of plates like Peter Doyle?

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