Smood heaven

I'm in Smood heaven. The beater mix has been retired to the back of the cupboard and even the most fussy male member of the house is happy. Bliss!

It's all over the delicate matter of mashed potatoes. They have to be just right or some family members are not happy. Light, fluffy with no lumps is the requirement. This used to require dragging out the beater mix which is more than 2o years old - Sunbeam know how to make em!

Now I've got a Smood it only takes one step. It looks bit of spiral wire on a stick but of course it's totally engineered. The spring coils collapse to force food through which produces a light and fluffy mash and it's easier to use than my old fashioned masher. The Smood people say it works with any food but I've only tried it on potato so far. I'm sure it would do pumpkin and avocado well too.

The other good thing about the Smood is that it's made by an Australian owned kitchen and homewares company Dreamfarm and is part of a new range of 2009 products that have been released worldwide. Dreamfarm sets out to challenge everyone that believes everything has already been invented and leave them wondering how they ever lived without their unique products.