Easy herb oil

I've always felt a big sad when throwing out my beloved coriander because it's past the salad use by date - bit slimy and yellow. However I'll now be turning it into delicious herb oil for use on my favourite salads courtesy of a technique shared by Executive Chef at Outrigger on the Lagoon, Fiji, Shailesh Naidu.

Shailesh says simply blanch the herbs in boiling water for a few seconds and then plunge into iced water. Drain and squeeze dry then place the herbs in a blender with about the same amount of oil. I'll use a nice EVO.

Refrigerate overnight and decant the oil from the top. Keep it in a squeeze bottle in the fridge and you'll be able to do those fancy patterns on the plate just like a pro. If you want to use it straight from the fridge, zap the bottle for a couple of seconds in the microwave to loosen up the oil. Enjoy.