Emporium Hotel wins again

Last night Brisbane’s Emporium Hotel took out the 2009 Gourmet Traveller Award - Best Small Luxury Hotel title. Accolades continue to pile up for the Emporium Hotel which topped the best in the country to take the title including The Lyall and The Adelphi in Melbourne, the Islington and The Henry Jones Art Hotel both in Hobart and The Lake House in Daylesford Victoria.

I haven't stayed at Emporium but I've viewed the rooms and they are seriously lush.

It's well worth a visit, if only to see the ecceltic bar decor which also is great place for pre-dinner drinks. Next door is Belle Epoch which is like stepping into a French bistro for a meal. Also hard to resist in the Emporium complex are Poppy Cakes (divine cupcakes) Freestyle Tout (desserts and much more) and Depot (great tapas). For fashionistas - Ollie and Lloyd (gifts, clothes and things you just want to have.)

Emporium Hotel - 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, 3253 6999