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Jocelyn’s Provisions has an enviable reputation in Brisbane for fine handcrafted cakes, pastries, tarts, biscuits, slices and preserves. It’s located in James Street which is something of a mecca for foodies. There’s much choice there in restaurants, a great deli, designer homeware shops and even a pasta shop.

Walking into the shop it’s not hard to work out why its so popular.  It smells good, it looks good and it’s hard to come out without buying more than you planned.

All made with real ingredients - unsalted butter, fresh cream, eggs, couverture chocolate and local produce – these are products to be savoured and enjoyed.

Okay – cut to the chase.  I purchased three cupcakes priced at a very reasonable $4 each.

Two were vanilla buttercakes – one with a raspberry icing, the other with passionfruit. Both the cakes were moist and buttery with an appropriate a texture and great cakey flavour.  Nice. The icing was soft and ample, providing a good foil to the hint of lemon I thought I tasted in the cakes - again very nice.

The chocolate cupcake was a standout for chocolate lovers with a very rich chocolate ganache thickly layered on top. The chocolate cake below was moist but plain, which was a good contrast to the sensory overload of the icing.

I shared all cupcakes with my number two cupcake taster who was wowed by them. Her words were 'these are an eight, or maybe even a nine!'  Very high praise from Miss Fussy.

The chocolate and raspberry cupcakes had matching coloured patty cases, a nice touch. Jocelyn’s also sells mini cupcakes for $2.70 but I didn’t see any on my visit.

Bottom line:  These are very good cupcakes in the traditional patty cake style.  Good value for money.

Jocelyn’s Provisions, Shop 8 Centro on James, James Street, Fortitude Valley. p 3852 3799

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  1. I love this search for the perfect cupcake. My husband and I for the last 6 months have been trying all the different cupcakes around Brisbane. The best we have found is Poppy's @ Emporium. They are the way cupcakes use to be, basic true flavour combinations. Simple decoration with top rate ingredients including Valrhona chocolate for the chocolate cupcakes. You can even go in and watch them ice the cupcakes which are baked fresh every morning. Since finding this place we have given up trying anywhere else because they are so good and nothing compares.

  2. So glad you like the search. I agree Poppy Cakes are wonderful but I'm determined to find others. Try Nourish on Racecourse Rd for the traditional style and don't forget to sample those available at various delis, you could be surprised.


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