Food, wine and music at Ambiwerra

Sometimes life seems just perfick! Today, for example, was an example of Brisbane's best. Blue skies, a light breeze, balmy winter weather that feels like spring and music for dancing.

Looking around the crowd at Ambiwerra I noticed everyone was smiling. They were sitting back in the sun and just lovin' life.

Choosing what to eat and drink from amongst the many food stalls was tough but we tasted our way through a few winners.

My starter was some huge, freshly shucked, OdessyCoffin Bay oysters from More + Taste.  They were some of the largest I have seen, about the length of my thumb, and exceptionally creamy inside. A delight for oyster lovers.  Look out for More + Taste at the Brisbane Ekka this year.

K2 started with barbecued Victorian lamb, spinach and roasted sweet potato salad and humus from Jason Peppler's Confit Bistro.  He loved it and passers by were quick to ask where he got it.

I moved onto the Queensland Tasting Plate from The Gunshop Cafe. It included a good slab of Granite Belt wild rabbit and pistachio terrine with Stanthorpe apple and thyme compote (sweet and piquant), a crisp cheddar from Witches Chase, Bunnyconnellen olives and Leavain sourdough which I am seeing on an increasing number of menus around town.

The star of the day for me was from Moda - Javier Codina's luscious Spanish Paella, a luscious blend of Bahia rice, Queensland seafood, chicken, pork and saffron poached in lobster stock.  And the size of the paella pan - immense! Javier had three pans on the go in different stages to ensure a fresh supply.  It was magnificent.

Listening to the bands was a real blast from the past and the crowd obviously enjoyed it. They were dancing in front of the stage, up the back and on the side - virtually where ever someone felt the urge - it was fabulous.

Make sure you put this event on your calendar for next year.