Dandelion and Driftwood, Hendra

Brisbane's coffee scene has taken a huge leap forward with the opening of Dandelion & Driftwood on Gerler Road at Hendra.

Here coffee and tea making has been turned into a science with so many add ons it's hard to know where to stop.

First there's the opportunity to try their special coffee blends brewed seven different ways including cold drip which I am definitely going back for. All the coffees and teas come with cupping and tasting notes. I'll be making notes of my own in the handy little book - a commemorative coffee journey - that's free to Dandelion and Driftwood customers.

And there's a selection of cupcakes from one of my favourite cupcake makers, Judy C. I sampled passionfruit and an apple cinamon creation - both very good.

There's the old fashioned hot pressed sandwiches made with premium ingredients - classic ham, cheese and tomato for me!

Xanthe's lolly trolly is another blast from the past.  Think of all your faves - musk lollies, strawberries and cream, freckles, lemon sherbet and more - sold by the ounce. So cute!

The cafe is the brainchild of tea and coffee enthusiasts Peter Wolff and Penny Lowe. Peter is a tea and coffee merchant with 27 years in the specialty coffee industry.

I took over a stove top coffee making applaince that my mother used to use in the 60s.  Peter was kind enough to show me how to use it and brew a cup.

Peter and Penny also are working with the concept of male and female coffee tastes.  Their Dandelion blend focuses on the feminine and delicate fruitness while their Driftwood is more masculine with a robust, earthy experience and a complete mouth explosion.

Bottom line: A must for coffee lovers

Dandelion and Driftwood, Shop 1, 45 Gerler Road, Hendra. 3868 4559
Open Monday to Friday 6.30am - 4pm, Saturday 7am - 4pm, Sunday 7am - 1pm.