Is it a train or is it a house?

The mystique of train travel is bit lost on me. I know the journey is part of the experience but I’d rather just have that part over and done with as quickly as possible.

And sleeping on a train? Well in theory I can conjure up scenes from “North by North West” with the debonair Cary Grant lurking around a corner. In reality I just got bored.  I’m obviously shallow but that’s the truth.

On the other hand I found the The Harrington Glen Trainhouse absolutely fascinating.

Is it a train? Is it a house? Actually it's a trainhouse that overlooks Harrington Glen's nine acre vineyard south of Stanthorpe. The carriage hails from Melbourne and was one of 20 originally purchased from Victorian Railways. 

Harrington Glen Vineyard’s owners, Harry & Glen Ireland, bought the 75ft Melbourne train in 2007 when on a trip to Dubbo Zoo with their grandson.

The trainhouse has three queen size ensuite bedrooms with Egyptian cotton linen sheets (be still my beating heart – love Egyptian cotton sheets), a fully equipped kitchen, several lounge areas and a large covered deck overlooking the vineyard through to Glen Aplin and Ballandean.  The deck views are superb.

I think staying in this quirky accommodation would be a treat.  There's a real feeling that you're onboard a sleeper train with none of the boring bits like getting stuck talking to people that you rather wouldn't.  Plus you can get off anytime.

And, bonus, the Harrington Glen cellar door is within easy walking distance plus the delightful berry treats of the Bramble Patch are just around the corner.

Glen Aplin is located in the southern part of Queensland's cool climate Granite Belt, about three hours drive from Brisbane and about half an hour from Stanthorpe.

Bottom line: Add this to your weekend away plans.
88 Townsend Rd., Glen Aplin. P 07 4683 4388