Fresh produce market update

Brisbane Market fresh produce report

Apples and pears are really starting to come into season currently and grapes are eating very well while banana prices continue to rise with shortages as a result of Cyclone Yasi.

Rain in North Queensland has affected the supply of papaws and some exotic fruits, while the price of bananas continues to rise after Cyclone Yasi.

Pears are in season with the green Williams, small crystal and the brown and less attractive beurre bosc varieties plentiful and of good quality.

Watch out for specials on grapes with black America now in season along with crimson, Thompson seedless and black muscat table varieties.

Red apples are the best eating with the deep red Jonathon variety now in season along with sweet tasting royal gala and red delicious.

Ask for your greengrocer’s help in selecting seedless watermelons however rockmelons are plentiful and eat well.

The last of the stonefruit, such as nectarines and peaches, are still available and are best eaten firm. The extremely sweet, yellow fleshed sugar plums are the pick of the week and are great value.

US navels are the best eating over the Australian valencia which are soft, may have black centres and a thick rind this season. Lemons are plentiful with the Australian variety more expensive but better quality over the smaller US variety.

Cauliflowers are available but are still firm in price, along with beans and cabbage. Corn is hard to source this week so will be expensive.

Carrots and onions are plentiful, as are potatoes, although the washed variety may show some yellowing and blemishes but will still eat well.

Tomatoes are available with firmer prices for quality, with the exception of Roma tomatoes which are inconsistent in size and grade.

Lettuce has improved in quality but after recent rains must be washed well to remove dirt, mixed leaf is improving but spinach and rocket is not storing well for long periods.