Fresh produce market update - April 5

Brisbane Produce Market fresh
produce report: 05 April 2011

The change of season has meant the entry of new season fruits, including pomegranates and custard apples, but be prepared to pay more over the next few weeks until more stock becomes available.

Bananas, raspberries and passionfruit are firming in price.  There are plenty of great tasting, cheaper fruit options available including a large variety of plums, persimmons, table grapes, red and Granny Smith apples and great value pears, with Williams being the popular pick.

Watermelons are inconsistent in quality with some cutting pale but rockmelons and honeydew are still great eating, although they have crept up in price this week.

Leaving the shelves are peaches, nectarines and muscat grapes, all experiencing end of season inconsistencies. Figs will finish with the first cold weather.

Tomatoes are improving in quality and taste and there should be a large variety to choose from, including gourmet, truss, grape, yellow cherry and medley mixes, although Roma tomatoes are still inconsistent.

Lettuce, salad mix and spinach used to enhance a salad is improving. Australian shepard avocados vary in price according to their size but are great value and are eating well.

A range of vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli, corn and cabbage are available but choose wisely and be prepared to pay higher prices for quality. Australian asparagus is scarce so check carefully the quality on the imported product on the shelves.

Pumpkins are improving as the weather cools while carrots are not as plentiful but still holding their price.

The quality of washed potatoes has improved this week. Brown onions have remained consistent in price while red varieties may need the first few layers removed but should still eat well.